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  • TJ

    “Great service

  • B

    “Great place, always friendly.

  • AD

    “Donna is wonderful and worked with my boyfriend & I and got us both rental and car insurance for both vehicles!

  • LI

    “J. W. Hoban is our go-to for all things insurance. Business, Workman’s Comp, Personal auto, all of it goes through J. W. Hoban Everyone we have worked with is great but Jerry Usher is our contact and he goes out of his way to contact us and keep us informed on all our policies.

  • CM

    “Jerry was great to work with! Thanks again!

  • FF

    “Wonderrful service! People working at this company are professional and polite.

  • ST

    “Detailed insurance agents and they work with your budget. 5 stars

  • “Andy was such a great help and got me great deals on my car and home insurance! Great atmosphere and personalities.

  • “Excellent service”

  • Lori Prashker-Thomas Profile Image

    “Attention to detail and customer care is great. Our agent, Jerry Usher, always takes the time with me and answers all of my questions, and trust me I have many!”

  • c.a jones Profile Image

    “J.W. Hoban has been there for us, We have been with them for a long time. They make it work for us, The decision when it comes to our business needs is easy J.W. Hoban”

  • JA

    “They are very polite. I also love that I get emails about my auto insurance especially when you find me better deals with different insurance companies! great crew!

  • KW

    “We were looking to get life insurance for our daughter. Jerry Usher helped us decide what kind of policy would be best and kept us up to date every step of the way. Jerry was quick to return phone calls and emails answering any questions we had. He even made us aware he would be out of town for a few days and who to contact if needed while he was away.”

  • AS

    “Ms. Donna is very nice and accommodating. Got a good insurance deal here with renters.”

  • TT

    “My family and I have been customers of Hoban Insurance for over 20 yrs. We like that we can pick up the phone and a local person, who knows us and our town, promptly answers the phone. There are no prompts, no transfers, no out of area customer service, just a very friendly and helpful staff that is easily accessible.

    My questions, no matter how unusual or numerous, are always answered fully and quickly.

    We never felt pressured to purchase products or options.

    They listen to our concerns and what is important to us in insurance coverage, and they work with us to obtain the coverage – house, auto and business- which gives us great peace of mind, as well as is within our budget.

    We received the same high level of customer service when claims are made. Over the years, we have had a house fire, flooding of a business and a fender bender, and through out it all, we were treated with care and concern for our well being, and had our material goods fully repaired or replaced to our satisfaction. When processing our claims, no games or delays occurred. Our claims were processed promptly and as promised per our coverage.

    My family and I highly recommend J W Hoban services. (And no, we are not related to anyone at the business, just a local family . :-)”