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  • Pam Harrison
    ...I am very happy with their service.Read Full Review

    “I have used J W Hoban for insurance for about 6 years now and I am very happy with their service. I used to use a different insurance company and I didn’t think they were very good at all. I was very irritated with their customer service and I decided to take my services elsewhere. It was great finding a company and an agent that genuinely listened to me as a customer and helped me find the best prices, plans and coverage.”

  • Cathy Capristo Scocozzo
    Five stars!
  • Karen Hopkins was a no brainer to make the switch.Read Full Review

    “We’ve been using J W Hoban & Associates for a couple years now for home and auto insurance. We had been using another company and went to J W Hoban to get a quote and we were so impressed with what they gave us, it was a no brainer to make the switch.”

  • Emily McDonald
    ...they find and get me the best deal.Read Full Review

    “What I really like most about J W Hoban & Associates is that they will sit down with me when my policy is up and compare different plans, rates, and coverage options. After taking all of my insurance needs into consideration, they find and get me the best deal. It’s nice to have an insurance company who really gives their clients great customer service like that, instead of just having to find the best rate yourself.”

  • Matthew Lyons
    Five stars!
  • Melinda McBride
    I continue to be very impressed with everything about them.Read Full Review

    “ I really appreciate the quality of insurance that I get with J W Hoban & Associates. I know that if I call with questions or even if I have any concerns about anything, They are there for me all of the time. I had a file a claim with them and I could not have been happier with the way they handled everything for me. I continue to be very impressed with everything about them.”

  • Mary Peters
    I highly recommend them to anyone seeking insurance needs.Read Full Review

    “I really enjoy the fact that J W Honan & Associates are always in contact with us. Whether it’s keeping us up to date with new appraisals or just taking care of things when we need them, this is an agency that is aimed to help their customers. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking insurance needs.”

  • Brandon Potters
    I love my agent at J W Hoban & Associates.Read Full Review

    “I love my agent at J W Hoban & Associates. She always checks all the rates from different companies and what coverage is offered with the plan and finds the one that will give me the best deal for my dollar. I never have to follow up with them about anything with my insurance, they always contact me and let me know if anything has changed or if there is a better deal. They make having insurance with them so easy.”

  • Denise Brathwaite
    He did all he could to make the process as seamless as possible.Read Full Review

    “Jerry found me some good insurance rates. He graciously worked with me through my very busy schedule and my need to be reminded to send him information. He did all he could to make the process as seamless as possible.”

  • DT
    ...I have been impressed with their level of responsiveness...Read Full Review

    “Since starting with JW Hoban & Associates, I have been impressed with their level of responsiveness in regards to any questions or concerns that I ask them.”

  • TT
    ...a very friendly and helpful staff that is easily accessible.Read Full Review

    “My family and I have been customers of Hoban Insurance for over 20 yrs. We like that we can pick up the phone and a local person, who knows us and our town, promptly answers the phone. There are no prompts, no transfers, no out of area customer service, just a very friendly and helpful staff that is easily accessible.

    My questions, no matter how unusual or numerous, are always answered fully and quickly.

    We never felt pressured to purchase products or options.

    They listen to our concerns and what is important to us in insurance coverage, and they work with us to obtain the coverage – house, auto and business- which gives us great peace of mind, as well as is within our budget.

    We received the same high level of customer service when claims are made. Over the years, we have had a house fire, flooding of a business and a fender bender, and through out it all, we were treated with care and concern for our well being, and had our material goods fully repaired or replaced to our satisfaction. When processing our claims, no games or delays occurred. Our claims were processed promptly and as promised per our coverage.

    My family and I highly recommend J W Hoban services. (And no, we are not related to anyone at the business, just a local family . :-)”

  • MW
    Very satisfied with the service and policies.
  • RS
    ...his response time back was very prompt.Read Full Review

    “Jerry made it easy for me doing all of the research and letting me know what my options are and what would probably work best for me; his response time back was very prompt. He is always friendly and courteous but most of all extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Jerry!”

  • JU
    Five stars!
  • RW
    Five stars!