Customer Reviews

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  • NA

    “Jerry was super helpful and explained everything in terms I could understand.

    Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for insurance.”

  • MR

    “I was calling around for insurance and JW Hoban & Associates were the only ones who would take me in at the time. I am grateful for that and have been very pleased since joining.”

  • ZH

    “Gene our agent is amazing! He is so thorough in explaining things and very knowledgeable overall. he’s the reason I have almost all of my insurance policies with these guys pretty much. definitely check them out!

  • JC
  • PG

    “I must say that our agent is great. He is very thorough in explaining our policies and what exactly they entail, and whenever I need information or have a question he’s always there, I just have to call.

  • MW
  • AB

    “This company really is fantastic. I would say they’re 100 percent better than the insurance company I was with before. ”

  • PM

    “I have been a client of theirs for over 7 years. We use to have another insurance agency before them but they don’t compare. Glad we made the switch”

  • MJ

    “They are always extremely helpful with any kind of communication. I don’t ever have any concerns with them. ”

  • RW
  • JU
  • Brandon Potters

    “I love my agent at J W Hoban & Associates. She always checks all the rates from different companies and what coverage is offered with the plan and finds the one that will give me the best deal for my dollar. I never have to follow up with them about anything with my insurance, they always contact me and let me know if anything has changed or if there is a better deal. They make having insurance with them so easy.”

  • Melinda McBride

    “ I really appreciate the quality of insurance that I get with J W Hoban & Associates. I know that if I call with questions or even if I have any concerns about anything, They are there for me all of the time. I had a file a claim with them and I could not have been happier with the way they handled everything for me. I continue to be very impressed with everything about them.”

  • Mary Peters

    “I really enjoy the fact that J W Honan & Associates are always in contact with us. Whether it’s keeping us up to date with new appraisals or just taking care of things when we need them, this is an agency that is aimed to help their customers. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking insurance needs.”